Training Tuesday: Investing in the Stock Market

Prishtinë, August 2, 2022 – The next edition of AmCham’s Training Tuesday discussed the topic ‘Investing in the Stock Market’, delivered by Mr. Muharrem Inan, who acts as the Head of Treasury, Financial Institutions, and Private Banking Group at BKT.

Mr. Inan explained the current global inflation crisis which is driven by both demand and push-side inflation.  With regards to stock markets, he further explained that due to the disruptions from the Ukrainian war, there would be lower performance in EU stock markets, but a better performance in other global stock markets.

He said that BKT has developed the so-called Smart Invest platform, which allows BKT clients to invest in stock markets. He explained that there are alternative financial stocks such as Apple, Microsoft, Pfizer, Tesla, Netflix and so forth. Clients use BKT e-banking to have access to the Smart Invest platform and choose their positions.

In addition, BKT mobile app offers financial-related news translated into Albanian, for clients who wish to follow the recent financial events happening worldwide. The market offers exchanges during a 24h time span and offers leverage positions as well. He stressed that, considering that BKT does not have any legal obligation to declare market gains of costumers, excluding withholding tax, declaration, and obligations towards TAK remain an individual responsibility.