Women Leaders

Women Leaders Committee will enable AmCham member women leaders to have a venue in which they could address any specific issues they face, or exchange ideas and experiences, as well as to serve as champions of promotion of women in business engagement, which would improve the current gender business structure in Kosovo.


  • Shemsije Dërmaku (GRAND Decor)
  • Arta Celina (Raiffeisen Bank)
  • Dua Shehu Gorani (AVC)
  • Merita Gjyshinca Peja (Raiffeisen Bank)
  • Aferdita Saracini Kelmedi (RTV 21)
  • Loreta Peci (PwC)
  • Eriola Bibolli (ProCredit Bank)
  • Ernesta Zhubi (Prince Coffee House)
  • Ardiana Bunjaku (SCAAK)
  • Melita Ymeraga (Melita & Partners)
  • Rrona Randobrava (LIMAK)