Women’s involvement in arbitration, critical to a sound legal judgement

Prishtina, March 16, 2022 – Women in Arbitration is one of the topics that is discussed every year in the framework of Arbitration Week, organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo in cooperation with the USAID Commercial Justice Activity, and also a topic that needs special attention, given the important role it has.

Shpresa Ibrahimi, Legal and Arbitration Expert said that the non-inclusion of women in the profession of arbitrators stems from the prejudices that a woman faces. She added that with the work and dedication of young girls, but also with the help of universities, highly professional girls and women have been created, who are prepared to address and solve any kind of problem, with special emphasis on arbitration.

Legal Country Manager at Boga&Associates Delvina Nallbani said that diversity in the legal system is important since it signals society that the justice system is accurate and equal. Further, Nallbani said that diversity within the legal system brings different perspectives, and as a result, enriches the legal reasoning that ultimately leads to a fairer judgment.

Erblina Krasniqi Prishtina, Lawyer, and Founder of Prishtina Law said that the low representation of women in arbitration is a phenomenon that is present, not only in Kosovo but also internationally. Krasniqi Prishtina added that diversity in arbitration is a worldwide phenomenon due to the low involvement of women in arbitration and the reluctance of businesses to nominate female arbitrators in resolving disputes.

Kujtesa Nezaj Shehu, Lawyer, SDP Kosovo and Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo, said that women are under-represented in arbitration, both in the arbitration list and in their appointment to resolve a certain case. Such situations do not mean that cannot be improved if the obstacles faced by women in the arbitration profession are addressed, she added.