Working towards a World without Waste

Prishtina, November 24, 2021 – The American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo in cooperation with the U.S Embassy and UN Habitat hosted a lecture on ‘Sustainable Innovative Waste Management Solutions’.

Andina Vllahiu-Kelmendi, Policy and Communications Manager at AmCham, as well as the host of this lecture, stated that regardless of the sector, it is essential to incorporate environmental sustainability into every business model and supply chain.

She called upon entrepreneurs and businesses to focus on raising the overall awareness in regards to waste management solutions for a better environment.

Katerina Tsangari, Group Packaging Legislation Lead of Coca-Cola HBC emphasized that when it comes to the waste chain, all the chain should be functionalized; the whole chain has to be developed in such a way that we address all the problems.

During the lecture, she mentioned the contribution that CCHBC has when it comes to climate deterioration caused by harmful waste. Moreover, she explained that contrary to popular belief, plastic is actually a viable material, which is worth recycling and using. ‘It is the way plastic is currently being managed and collected that is not sustainable and where change needs to be made, that is why, we need to make our approach to plastic more approachable, claimed Tsangari.

Furthermore, she said that we are in a climate emergency, and everyone beginning from world leaders to businesses and individual consumers carry a responsibility to take action regarding this situation. She emphasized that if we want to avoid causing irreversible damage to our planet, change needs to happen now.