Young people are encouraged to focus on the manufacturing industry

Prishtina, November 13, 2021 – To discuss about the manufacturing industry in Kosovo, challenges, and advantages, the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo organized its next forum with private sector stakeholders.

Andrra Nurkollari, Policy and Communication Officer at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo said that the creation of new products from raw materials or components, and the end of war, has found the manufacturing industry in a difficult situation.

Sami Dida, the owner of the company Proton Cable, said that the reason he started to deal with manufacturing was that in the period when he started, the manufacturing industry was not developed, and in a way, he also challenged himself, as well as it gave him the desire to achieve something more during this period.

Gojart Kelmendi, owner and founder of the company EuroKosova said that he had no previous experience in the manufacturing industry and he had scarce knowledge since he had to take care of everything on his own.

‘Doing business in Kosovo has improved and nowadays it is much easier. The new generations find it much easier to deal with manufacturing,’ said Kelmendi.