Youth voice matters in policy and decision-making

Prishtina, November 11, 2021- To discuss the role of young people in decision-making, the next guest on a forum organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo was Ognjen Marković from the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC).

Andina Vllahiu Kelmendi, Policy and Communication Manager at the American Chamber of Commerce in Kosovo said that in the framework of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the American Chamber has organized activities that have important elements of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and that this includes human capital including participation. youth. Further, she said that Kosovo has many young people and in this regard, the participation of young people and new generations means greater and innovative solutions in the country where they live or work.

Ognjen Marković, Team Leader for the Western Balkans, RCC, said the purpose of the Regional Cooperation Council is to promote youth participation by relying on youth councils to bring best practices from all areas. According to him, increasing the participation of young people is not an easy thing to do, but they are in a region where the younger generations have great potential and talent. Moreover, Markovic said that young people are leaving and that countries in the region should see young people as a solution and a key investment in society.

He recommended supporting young people in decision-making as many of them are leaving due to high unemployment. Therefore, it is important that young people are motivated and encouraged to contribute and stay in their countries. Markovic said Kosovo is leading the innovation market and young people should use their knowledge and skills, citing commitment as one of the most important aspects of youth participation in decision-making and policy-making.